Prevention and Control
of Money Laundering

Project “Improving the Institutional
and Policy Response for the Prevention and Control
of Money Laundering in Bulgaria
and Southeast Europe”

What is the Anti-Money Laundering Training Program?

This is a project of RiskMonitor Foundation that focuses on developing the technical skills and operational capacity of Bulgarian Financial Intelligence Units (FIU), Law Enforcement Authorities and regulatory personnel responsible for anti-money laundering measures, particularly, by providing training on how to raise the standard of inspections carried out at reporting entities (REs) and promoting dialogue between regulators and REs in order to improve the quality of financial intelligence.

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This phase describes the process when money is placed into the financial system or retail economy...

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Layering indicates the core process to disguise the illegal source of the funds. Its name derives from the complex layers of financial transactions ...

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During the integration money is integrated into the legitimate economic with a ready made legend about their source. Launderers use established and legitimate business practices...

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