About the Project

What is the Anti-Money Laundering Training Program?

This is a project of RiskMonitor Foundation that focuses on developing the technical skills and operational capacity of Bulgarian Financial Intelligence Units (FIU), Law Enforcement Authorities and regulatory personnel responsible for anti-money laundering measures, particularly, by providing training on how to raise the standard of inspections carried out at reporting entities (REs) and promoting dialogue between regulators and REs in order to improve the quality of financial intelligence.

It is implemented with the financial support from the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme of the European Union.


  • To improve the professional competencies, skills and operational capacity of the staff of FIU and AML institutions.
  • To build up the analytical, coordinating and monitoring capacity of the FIU, law enforcement, and prosecution responsible for the control of money laundering in Bulgaria.
  • To develop a unified methodology for the collection and analysis of data related to money laundering.
  • To raise awareness of the efforts against money laundering and increase public support to prevent and control economic crime in Bulgaria.

Target Groups:

  • The staff of SANS,
  • Law enforcement,
  • Prosecutors,
  • Other key institutions engaged in anti-money laundering.

Expected Results:

Practical methodology for an annual report on money laundering in Bulgaria will be created within the project. Training sessions, complemented by the distance learning modules, available for the registered users of this site are designed according to the needs of a group of specialized practitioners.